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Convergence Stickers

If you support Convergence International's aims you can help us very easily, by letting other people know about our group and the computers we support. If you are a member (free to join), you could say so in your sig on all e-mail and news you send. If you have a web site you can put one of these stickers on your home page and link it to our site:

Once you have chosen which sticker to use you can either take a copy of this image and put it on your own site, or use the copy on the Convergence site. If you want to use a copy of the image placed locally on your server, replace the src="..." in the HTML with the path name of the image on your site. If your background isn't white you may prefer to use border="0". Please do not edit or change these stickers in any way, if you need a different image or file format please contact us.

Note the .image extension used in the file names. This is because sometimes several versions of the graphic exist, normally a GIF and a PNG. Using just the .image extension allows the server to choose the file format which individual users prefer, based on the information their browser sends. To download a specific format add the standard extension on after the .image, eg to get the PNG version of use Sometimes the image only exists in one format (GIF), if this is the case and you would like it in another format please contact us.

If you put any of these stickers on your web page write to and let us know. Include your name, e-mail address, and the URL of your site, so that we can inform you if the sticker changes, and so we can add your URL to CIhoo.

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