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Helping Convergence

There are many different things our members can do to help, a list of some suggestions is below. If you are not yet a member but agree with our aims you can join now, it's free! If you have any questions or want to suggest a project for Convergence International e-mail

Tell someone about Convergence

Simply go to our tell a friend form and enter the e-mail address of someone you think would be interested in Convergence. We will then send them brief details about Convergence, a copy of which you can see on the tell a friend page. If they aren't interested and don't join Convergence we will not contact them again.

Link to us from your web site

If you have a web site you can use our special "sticker" logo to link to the Convergence web site or the non-Wintel news service. A choice of stickers and full details, including example HTML, is available on our sticker page.

Use our URL in your .signature

Mention that you are a member of Convergence International in your e-mail sig and give our URL ( then everyone you write an e-mail to will be able to find out about Convergence if they are interested. Also if you post to usenet you can do the same in your usenet sig.

Submit/review web sites for our hierarchical search engine

This is currently a priority: We will soon be publicly launching CIhoo, our new non-Wintel Yahoo style search engine. You can help by collecting or submitting your own lists of interesting non-Wintel web sites, or visiting web sites you think should be included and writing a short description and a set of keywords. If you are interested then e-mail

Build a platform information section

Convergence aim to provide extensive information on supported platforms, as an introduction for people who are new to the platform, as a central reference for people who already use the platform, and as a pool of information for use and linking to from other parts of the Convergence web site.

So far we have sections on three of the platforms we support: Amiga, CHRP, and Psion. You could either help by expanding on these existing sections, or creating new sections for other supported platforms (Acorn, Apple, ARM, NCs etc).

Translate part of the web site

If you speak a language other than English you could could translate some or all of the web site into your native language. We currently have people doing French and German translations, but more members who can translate into any language would be welcome. You can volunteer just to translate one or two pages, a whole section, or even the whole web site.

Collect news for the non-Wintel news service

If you can spend a few minutes every day looking for interesting news items relating to a non-Wintel platform you could help add items to the Convergence International non-Wintel news service. Updates are done via a script, all you have to do is write a brief description and headline and provide the URL of the original story. We are especially keen to find an Apple user or users to work on Apple related news as this platform seems to generate most news.

Translate non-Wintel news

If you had time for an ongoing translation project you could help provide the non-Wintel news service in languages other than English. This would require you to translate news item summaries once or twice a day, and possibly look for original stories in the same language. A translated version of the non-Wintel news service would be a major project and unless many members want to get involved it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

Help run Convergence

If you enjoy helping Convergence and have enough time, after helping with one of the above projects you could get involved with the day to day management of Convergence. For example communicating with members, promoting Convergence, writing the newsletter, looking after parts of the web site, coordinating other member projects, etc.

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