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Feedback questionnaire

By answering these few questions you can help Convergence improve for you and other members. Simply answer some or all of the questions and then select "Submit feedback". Many links below are to the appropriate sections for items on which questions are based, in case you are not sure about a particular question.

Convergence and platform information

Do you have enough information on Convergence?

Do you like the platform information?

Do you want to help with platform information?

Further comments:

Support and membership

Are you a member of Convergence?

What do you think of the newsletter?

Do you have a link to us on your site?

Do you use technical support?

Do you want to help improve the support?

Further comments:

Non-Wintel news service

How often do you use the News Service?

Are you satisfied with frequency of items?

Are you satisfied with detail of items?

Do you like the Member's Opinion?

Do you want to help improve the News Service?

Further comments:

Non-Wintel hierarchical search

CIhoo provides a Yahoo-style directory system and keyword searches, with a large links database for the various non-Wintel platforms. We are currently compiling the links database.
Would you use this facilitiy?
Would you like to help compiling links?

General web site

How often do you visit this site?

Are you satisfied with the site's speed?

Are you satisfied with the graphics on the site?

Do you like the navigation system?

How many Convergence pages do you think people read per day?

Further comments:

Details about your machine

Which types of computer do you own?
How would you rate your experience with computers?

Other ideas

If there is anything else you would like to see Convergence do or improve on, anything else you would like to help Convergence with, or any other comments, please provide details below:

Your contact details

If you are interested in helping us or wish for a response to your opinions, contact details are of course necessary, otherwise optional (they will be kept in the strictest confidence and not be passed onto any third party).

Your name

Your e-mail address

How did you find out about Convergence?

Thank you for taking your time to complete the questionaire. Now select "Submit feedback" to send us your response. If you have any further questions or comments to make, please feel free to contact us at

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