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The Psion Siena

Siena on a pocket The Psion Siena was launched at the end of 1996 at the same time as the Series 3c. While it lacks some of the more advanced features of the Series 3c like digital audio recording, and has less memory (there are 512K and 1MB options), it has one major advantage - it's even smaller than the other Psions, and can fit in a shirt pocket.

The Siena is an ideal Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) - it has Psion's top quality software, including a calendar, database, fully featured word processor and spreadsheet, world time and alarms, and a calculator - while being small enough and at the right price to suit most people who are looking for an organiser.

Siena printing Even though it is so small Psion have still managed to retain their excellent expandability and connectivity. Although the Siena doesn't have an internal port for a Solid State Disk (SSD) an external version is available. It is even possible to connect the Siena to a printer and produce documents to a high standard using Psion's advanced word processor which is in the Siena's ROM. The Siena also includes serial and infrared ports, which can be used to connect to desktop computers, printers, or to send messages to other Sienas or Series 3cs.

A larger picture of an open Siena is also available. Full details on the Psion Siena are available on Psion's web site.

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