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The Psion Series 3c

Open Psion Series 3c The Psion Series 3c was launched at the end of 1996 at the same time as the Siena. The Series 3c is the same size as the Series 3a but has improved software and communications hardware. The Series 3c includes an infrared port as well as a faster serial port, in addition it has improved software, including Jotter for taking quick notes, and Files for easier file management.

SSD being put into a Series 3c As with other Psion palmtops the Series 3c can be expanded with Solid State Disks which allow more data to be stored and new programmes to be run. Unlike the new Psion 5 which uses standard CompactFlash disks the Series 3c (as well as the Series 3a and Siena) use SSDs which Psion designed themselves, which can be more expensive than more widely used CompactFlash disks.

Full details on the Psion Series 3c are available on Psion's web site.

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