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Introduction to Psion

Psion logo The Psion Group was founded in 1980 and produced the first electronic organiser in 1984. Since then Psion have continued to lead the palmtop market which they created.

Today the Psion Group consists of Psion plc, the holding company and headquarters, and several wholly owned subsidiaries. Psion's distribution companies are Psion UK plc, Psion GmbH, and Psion, Inc. Psion Computers plc and Psion Software plc, design and market Psion's hardware and software technology respectively, and Psion Industrial plc concentrates on palmtop and mobile computer systems for use in industry including the Psion Workabout. Finally Psion Dacom plc develop and manufacture modems.

The current Psion range of palmtop computers include the Series 3a, Siena, Series 3c, Workabout, and the new Series 5. Information on most of these computers is available from Convergence by following the above links, if not check Psion's own web site.

Go to To find out more about Psion you can visit their web site at

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