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Amiga Timeline
Note: this is an ongoing project; if you have any dates that you think I should include, or you have any corrections or comments, please let me know.
Date Event Media
1982 Hi-Toro begin development of the A1000 as a next generation games console under the guise of being a joystick manufacturer.  
Jan 1984 Commodore demos the A1000 prototype at US trade fair.  
Jun 1984 Hi-Toro sells out to Commodore for $4.25 per share, beating Atari's offer of just 98 cents per share.  
23 Jun 1985 A1000 computer released at the Lincoln Center, New York. Pic | Info
1987 A2000 computer released.  
1987 A500 computer released. Pic | Info
1990 A3000 computer released. Pic | Info
1990 Sun try to get an OEM licence to produce A3000UX computers as low end Sun workstations. Commodore management lose the deal at the last minute.  
1990 A500+ computer released.  
Mar 1996 A600 computer released.  
1991 Commodore annouce 2,000,000 Amigas sold worldwide.  
May 1991 CDTV set-top box released. CDTV stands for "Commodore Dynamic Total Vision" and not "Compact Disc Television" as many believe.  
Jun 1992 A500+ scrapped after incompatibility problems.  
Aug 1992 Kelly Sumner becomes Managing Director of Commodore UK  
Sep 1992 A4000 computer released. Pic | Info
Dec 1992 A1200 computer released. Pic | Info
Apr 1993 A1200 breaks all records, 100,00 sold since release.  
Sep 1993 CD32 games console released. It was the world's first ever 32-bit games console. Sales were very good but Commodore needed to sell 400,000 to get them out of their financial difficulties; management only ordered 200,000 custom chips.  
16-20 Sep 1993 CD32 steals the show at Live '93, the largest consumer electronics show in the UK to date.  
Sep 1993 Commodore scraps their PC clones to "concentrate on the Amiga range" after announcing third quarter losses of $177 million.  
Oct 1993 Despite positive sales, Commodore announces only 40 CD32 games will be available by Christmas.  
Oct 1993 TV show Babylon 5 wins an Emmy for its Amiga-generated special effects.  
Late 1993 Kelly Sumner resigns as MD of Commodore UK; David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot take over.  
Christmas 1993 Commodore's "To be this good would take Sega Ages" ad campaign hits home as it finds itself on a billboard right outside Sega's London HQ.  
Mar 1994 New York stock exchange suspends trading of Commodore stock.  
Apr 1994 Production ceases at Commodore's Philippine and Scottish factories, leaving behind a substantial stock.  
22 Apr 1994 15 staff laid off from the West Chester plant and 15 more from the Norristown factory.  
26 Apr 1994 Commodore closes its Engineering department. The West Chester site is down from 1000 employees to just 22.  
29 Apr 1994 Commodore International files for voluntary liquidation at 4:10 p.m. to protect it from its creditors. Colin Proudfoot of C= UK says "There should be no impact in the UK marketplace... The brand is too strong to die: we're confident that Commodore and the Amiga will come out of this a better, stronger company."  
20 Jun 1994 Jay Miner passes away at the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View.  
20 Apr 1995 Escom AG purchase Commodore.  
30 May 1995 Amiga Technologies GmbH formed as a subsidiary of Escom.  
Jul 1995 New Amiga logo announced.  
11 Sep 1995 Amiga 1200 computers begin to roll off the production lines again. A4000Ts are promised...  
Nov 1995 Amiga "Magic" pack released. Escom UK refuses to stock hard disk equipped models in its high street stores.  
Dec 1995 "Magic" pack attains dismal sales figures over Christmas period in the UK, although better in Germany.  
Jan 1996 Visual Information Services Corporation (VISCorp) obtain an international licence agreement to adapt, utilise, licence and distribute the Amiga technology within the context of their interactive set-top boxes.  
Jan 1996 Amiga "Surfer" pack becomes available in Germany; it is identical to the "Magic" pack but includes a 14k4 modem and some internet software, essentially pre-registered shareware.  
Mar 1996 Amiga Technologies announce the start of development of "Walker", a 40MHz 68030 based AGA Amiga in a nice case. Pic
Apr 1996 VISCorp announce that they have acquired a binding letter of understanding to acquire the assets of Amiga Technologies GmbH from Escom AG.  
Jul 1996 Escom GmbH files for bankruptcy. Amiga Technologies goes on operating with a staff of 1: Petro Tyschtschenko.  
Mar 1997 Gateway 2000, Inc., purchase Amiga Technologies GmbH.  
? Amiga International Inc. formed, based in Germany, to manage the worldwide marketing and licencing of the Amiga hardware, software and trademarks. Web
? Amiga Inc. formed, based in the US, with responsibility for Amiga research and development.  
25 Jun 1997 First OEM licence signed between Amiga International, Inc., and Micronik GmbH.  

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