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Welcome to Convergence International, the user group for non-Wintel platforms. Previous visitors might like to see what's new on the Convergence web site.

* Information
Convergence's mission, FAQs, details of the non-Wintel news service, information by e-mail, member statistics, and credits.

* News service
The Convergence International non-Wintel news service, a summary of non-Wintel news, including the latest news for Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Be, Network Computer, and Psion/EPOC platforms. As well as regular member's opinions and an archive of Convergence International newsletters, press releases, and other news.

* CIhoo
The non-Wintel search engine from Convergence International. Currently including a large database of Acorn and Psion links, with other platforms to be covered in detail in the future. Either search CIhoo or browse the Acorn or Psion sections in full.

* Platform information
Detailed information on platforms supported by Convergence, currently covering Amiga, CHRP, and Psion (more soon).

* Support
Becoming a member of Convergence (free), helping us, using the Convergence sticker, telling a friend or colleague about Convergence, enquiries and technical support via e-mail or web form, and an opportunity to tell us what you think about Convergence International and our web site.

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